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What about my 3-D art? The idea came to me years ago, at the beach. I wondered how I could use the tiny pebbles on which I was laying, and visualized in my mind what I exactly wanted.

It is in essence of three-dimensional painting that contains small animals made of rock or clay finely decorated with acrylic and then applied with a power glue to the background, painted as well.

These artworks have been highly successful to my exhibitions. Over time I had fun to recreate a lot of different environments, also using real sand and shells for the ocean floor, clay and recycled products.

3-D Artworks
Wood Slice Painting With Barn Owl
Wood Slice Painting With Mouse
Wood Slice Painting With Raccoon
Owl Art By Roberto Rizzo
3-D Artworks By Roberto Rizzo
Hand Painted Snowy Owl In The Nest
Handmade Barn Owl Nest
Little Owl Rock Painting
Owls Burrow Original Art With Painted Pebbles
Two Owls Under The Snow Original Three-dimensional Painting By Rizzo
Owls Heart Frame Original Art With Painted Pebbles
Two Owls Original Three-dimensional Painting By Roberto Rizzo
3-D Art By Rizzo Painted Owls In A Frame
3-D Artworks Made With Rocks, Twigs And A Cork Section
Unique 3-D Painting With A Tucan
Animal Art By Rizzo
Handmade 3-D Artwork With Fishes And A Turtle
Handmade Three-dimensional Frame With A Sea Turtle In The Ocean
Handmade Frame With A Sea Turtle On The Beach
Wedding & Party Favors
Party Favors

What is it that makes a wedding favor ‘special’? Hands down, its originality. Another aspect which should not be overlooked is the quality of the object itself. I guarantee my clients the utmost attention to details for each of my items. The perfect favor should be not only beautiful, but also stylish and exclusive!

Your guests will be pleasantly surprised with joy and will show their little piece of art, rather than storing it – as often happens – on some shelf collecting dust. The painted rocks party favors will make the ceremony even more memorable! Don’t forget that I also can create something tailored made for you!

My painted pebbles are perfect for any occasion: weddings, christenings, confirmations, communions and graduations! Each piece is finely painted, signed and delivered with its Certificate of Authenticity. I use to write on the backside a date and the name.

The choice is very wide: ladybugs, bees, cats, dogs, owls, butterflies and starfishes ‘resting’ on the stone, the Holy Spirit doves, the heads of animals to use as paperweights and much more!

African Animal Favors Totally Hand Painted On Pebbles By Roberto Rizzo
Hand Painted Rock Owls
Rock Painted Animals Original Favors By Rizzo
Unique Favors Unique Pieces With Animal Heads Painted On Flat Rocks
Unique Favors Unique Pieces With Animal Heads Painted On Stones
Dove Paintings On Pebbles
Dove Paintings On Pebbles
Rock Painting Favors
Painted Doves
Rock Painting Art With Butterflies Unique Gift Ideas
Stone Paintings With Butterflies
Rock Painting Art With Butterflies Unique Gift Ideas
Rock Painting Art With Butterflies
Starfishes Painted In Acrylic On Rocks
Starfishes Painted In Acrylic On Rocks
Ladybugs And Bees Rock Art
Wearable Art
Eagle Owl Earrings Painted On Bone By Roberto Rizzo
Hand Painted Barn Owl Earrings
Great Grey Owl Pendants
Original Handmade Long-eared Owl Earrings
Pair Of Painted Spectacled Owl Earrings
Pair Of Hand Painted Tawny Owl Earrings
Pair Of Snowy Owl Earrings By Rizzo
Little Owl Earrings Completely Handmade
Tiger Earrings
Flamingo Hand Painted Earrings
Unique Handmade Green Frog Earrings
Butterflies Heart Shaped Jewels
Handmade Tiger Pendant
Original Handmade Lion Necklace
Wolf Pendant
Hand Painted Dolphin Pendant
Barn Owl Necklace
Long-eared Owl Pendant
Painted Owl Necklace
Hand Painted Little Owl Pendant
Elegant Wearable Art By Rizzo
Snowy Owl Jewel By Rizzo
Heart Pendant With A Snowy Owl
Handmade Horse Jewels
Fine Detailed Horse Necklace
Unique Handmade Green Frog Pendant
Kingfisher Painted Pendant
Hand Painted Necklace With An Incredibly Detailed Northern Red Cardinal

My painted jewels are unique pieces of wearable art. I create them using acrylic paint, tiny paintbrushes and a whole lot of patience and care. All designs are created with my imagination, I love making items that are precious, one of a kind treasures that will last for years.

They are very lightweight, protected with a varnish coat, signed on the back and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. I also create painted necklaces on commission of your beloved pet! Contact me for info.

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