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Wildlife was my first love and my inspiration. Our world is still full of beautiful creatures and amazing natural environments such as pristine seas, rainforests and verdant mountains. There are few things in the world as nice as animals in their habitats. The reality however, is that this generation will probably be the last one to know all this wonder.

As animal painter I try to capture the beauty of nature through my brushstrokes. Maybe I choosed to live of art also because in this way I can celebrate the biodiversity in my paintings and to give my contribution to the cause of Wildlife Conservation to counteract the destructive processes of the sixth mass extinction caused by humans.


“I always loved the plenty of shapes and colors found in Nature This variety represents my main source of inspiration. Animals especially have fascinated me since I was just a child”.

“I firmly believe that artists, in their expressive and emotional journey, are bound to get back to their childish feelings and passions, because art – apart from meaning discipline – must be first of all love and amusement“.

“Most of my artworks aim to explain to me and to others a specific aspect of living. Usually it happens that a mere detail tickles my mind, and this starts a complex progress which leads me to the ultimate concept”.

“To reach the core of my idea, I begin to add and remove elements through a sequence of drafts until I find myself satisfied. Most of the times it’s a very long work in progress, because I care so much for balance and spaces, and very often the result which is not as immediate in its symbolic content as I had imagined”.

“Mixing so seemingly conflicting elements gives my art a strong allegorical mood. Therefore viewers foresee a meaning besides it, but this meaning can be often difficult to understand. Really it’s the main appeal I find in my activity: I love to catch viewer’s eyes, casting doubt on, receiving from my audience new keys of interpretation for my work.”.

“I am also fascinated by Wildlife Art, a very popular genre of painting in Anglo-Saxon countries. Its purpose is to celebrate the beauty of wild nature and the deep relationship that unites all living beings. the representation of landscapes gave me recently the chance to release my creative mark and take new expressive paths, in a series of very instinctive charcoal drawings and vibrant paintings that are certainly less tied to a mere technique”.


The original paintings displayed on this page are for sale. Do you want to know if one in particular is still available? Would you like to commission a new painting? Contact me with confidence!

Available originals paintings are for sale on my shop. It’s also possible to purchase numbered giclée prints of each artwork displayed on my website with bright and long lasting colors, printed on fine art paper with professional archival pigment inks. A faithful reproduction at a very low cost!

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