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Bird painting on rock
Sunny the Cockatiel

Mark contacted me from New York with a very unusual request. He ordered me a rock portrait of his cockatiel Sunny. He wanted a big enough artwork, about 10 inches tall.

I needed a rock with a very particular shape and I was lucky enough to find it on an Italian beach. When I saw it I realized that I had found a real treasure, how wonderful!

I portrayed Sunny very carefully, on both sides of the rock. I couldn’t realize his tuft and the long tail (there are limits impossible to overcome in rock painting art) but overall I’m very satisfied.

I would be excited to know your opinion, please leave a comment! I remaind you that I’m open to all requests and you can contact me for any commissions.

Project Details

Date of Creation: January 2023
Medium: Acrylic on rock
Dimension: 10 inches

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